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Payday loan consolidation companies -Can you consolidate payday loans?

It’s no longer a secret! To achieve its objectives, while having a fairly stable financial situation, it is better to take out credit. The only problem is that once the monthly payments are numerous, it is difficult to honor the deadlines. As a result, we may have problems with the financial institution. To avoid this, why not group the credits to pay only one monthly payment? Would not it be easier? Only, be careful!

It’s important to remember that redemption is like any other credit, it’s a commitment. That’s why before starting out, it is better to analyze carefully and delicately his financial and personal situation. To better understand the principle, let’s take a look at the grouping of loans.

Can you consolidate payday loans?

We often hear about payday loan consolidation now, but many people are unaware of its principle. In fact, this is a banking operation that aims to consolidate all loans into one single loan- pop over to these guys. It reduces the interest rate, reduces monthly payments and extends the repayment period. However, before embarking on the procedure, the ideal will be to study its repayment capacity, while remembering that the extension of the duration may cause an increase in debt. The special feature of this principle is that you can associate your request with the application for financing a new project. That said, loan consolidation also allows you to obtain funds to carry out your project. Is not it the wish of all people?

What sets it apart with a home loan buyout

Most of the time, there is a tendency to confuse the combination of credit and the repurchase of mortgage loans. We, therefore, want to make it clear that a loan buyback consists of grouping all household credits into one to obtain a single credit at a single rate and a single monthly payment. On the other hand, a mortgage repurchase is an operation whereby a borrower redeems his mortgage from another organization to benefit from a better rate, a reduction in the repayment term and the monthly payment.

The simulation without registration

Indeed, you will not dare to dive without knowing first of all the profits you can draw. This is the main objective of the simulation, an online tool set up to calculate and verify borrowingcapacity. Thanks to this tool, which is both practical and indispensable, you will no longer have to go to the financial institutions to ask for more information about your case, because all this can be done in two stages and three movements via the simulation. To do this, nothing is simpler. Simply fill out the form, indicating the total amount of outstanding credits, the household’s income, and expenses, and in a few minutes, some offers will appear so that you can choose the one that suits you the most according to your personal situation. financial.

Zaplo loan fast – Up to € 2,500 in 24 months

Loans and Mini-loans in Zaplo Solocitar Online

You may be very surprised to learn that fabulous conditions do not exist only in movies and books, but also among financial institutions. For this reason, it is especially nice to introduce you to this company, since this company is composed entirely of several benefits.

Zaplo is a brand of the great company 4Finance Group, a market leader in consumer credit and microcredit in Europe, which has already triumphed in many countries. In Europe Zaplo already has satisfied customers in the Czech Republic and Poland. In Spain Zaplo is based in Madrid.

With a successful management experience from another Vivus microcredit company (which you already know about our website), 4Finance Grup gained a great reputation in the Spanish market. As you can see, it is not necessary to worry about the security of your data. The company is very reliable and guarantees the protection of your information under the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Like all fast credit entities, it is possible to take a loan in Zaplo without leaving the couch. It can be done from any device connected to the Internet. The shipping process takes no more than 10 minutes. Your request, on average, is processed less than 24 hours.


If your income meets the requirements of the company, you can get the money in your bank account in 15 minutes (maximum 48 hours).

So, let’s start with the main advantage – a fairly large amount of the loan – from 300 to 2,500 euros. However, the first time will be available only for the amount of 800 euros. Your repayment period is also very comfortable – from three months to two years.

In comparison, an average microcredit organization offers “fast money” in amounts of only 800 or even 300 euros.

For your convenience, Zaplo has a very easy-to-use simulator, where you can select the desired loan amount and immediately see the refund amount, according to the selected date. Granted, not all sites can boast a comfortable and intuitive calculator, as well as transparent commission terms.

To apply for a credit in Zaplo, just enter your personal information and personal bank account number on the company’s website. Keep in mind that the provision of false information leads to serious consequences.

One more advantage of Zaplo is the ability to control your funds in your personal account, whose access is open 24 hours.

Zaplo will not let you forget about the loan payment date, which we believe is a very convenient and practical function. And here we have a great advantage of the service – the possibility of deferring the payment up to 30 days.

In addition, Zaplo users can increase the limit of their credit. Of course, this option is available at the discretion of the company and Zaplo only for those who make payments on time.

If you want to repay the loan ahead of time, then you can do it without problems and at the same time save on commissions.

What do we need to become the proud owner of a quick Zaplo loan? (In addition to Internet access)

The applicant must have the following characteristics: age 25 to 70 years, DNI / NIE in Spain, a personal bank account, a mobile phone and be a solvent person.

Yes, despite the fact that the loan application is made completely online, and that the statement of monthly earnings or endorsement is not necessary, you may be asked to provide reliable data via email of your income and expenses (optional ).

The annual equivalent rate in Zaplo is a minimum of 106.40% and a maximum of 127.60%. To calculate the sample size of the fees, you do not need additional professional help because your website simulator is very well designed and all the necessary data are displayed.

Please, before asking for quick money in any organization, think about it, because it entails a great responsibility and some people can not cope with this.

Of course, we do not want you to have a situation in which you are forced to ask for a loan, but we believe that if it is necessary to do so, the Zaplo company is one of the best options.

Wandoo gives quick money and the first loan 100% free!

Loans and Mini-loans in Wandoo Online Request

Wandoo borrows money instantly and has free loans!


Wandoo offers you your first free loan. Wandoo is a microfinance company that belongs to the Wandoo Finance group and is widely present in the Spanish market. The company is committed to transparency and modern technologies, as the company’s policy emphasizes customer satisfaction as its first and most important objective. This company is dedicated to offering fast loans at affordable prices.


The loan and fast loans portal highlights that with this microfinance you can get your first loan absolutely free – that is, the first loan at 0% interest. In general, you can request amounts between € 50 and € 850. Speaking of the repayment terms – you will have between 7 and 30 calendar days to return your loan! Remember, if it’s the first time you borrow money at, you do not pay interest, and for example, requesting 300 euros with a return period of up to 30 days, you must return only 300 euros!

And what do you have to do to apply for fast money at Wandoo?


Actually, requesting money and also the first free loan in Wandoo is very easy. It is enough to enter your web page, choose an amount not higher than 300 euros, choose the term of return of money, and fill in the registration form. Then you will have the possibility to identify yourself through your online banking. The safety of all operations is guaranteed by “Kontomatic”, which is a 100% safe supplier. Once you have done it, at the moment you will receive the communication related to the granting of the loan.


In case you want a higher amount, you can use the calculator available on the website of Wandoo to know at once the cost of your quick loan. Thanks to the interactive menu available, at all times you will have detailed information of the requested amount, the term to return, and the total price of your online credit.

Perfect, now you can receive your money by bank transfer to your account, in a matter of minutes – no more than 15 minutes of waiting. Wandoo will enter your money quickly online in the shortest time, and the waiting time will mostly depend on the bank you work with.

How do I return a cheap loan in Wandoo?


The return of your first free loan as well as the return of a loan to which an interest rate is applied, can be done comfortably and in different ways.

If you wish to pay your credit in full, you can make a cash deposit of the entire amount, by personalizing yourself in a bank or making the transfer via online, using the bank data available in Wandoo for that purpose. advises you to pay very carefully, verifying all the details in detail and that in the concept of the transfer do not forget to indicate your ID number or NIE, as well as the number of your loan. Indicate these data in the concept of the transfer is extremely important for it to be done correctly.

If you can not repay your loan on time, you will have the possibility to request an extension. Extending a loan is very important if you do not have the possibility of returning it on time, since otherwise you will incur a default, and this can generate different problems in the future. An extension of the payment period in Wandoo can be done for one week (7) days, two weeks (14) days, or for 30 days as the maximum date for extending the term of the loan. In turn, to give an example, the corresponding costs for extending a loan of 100 euros, will be 13 euros for 7 days, 19 euros for 14 days, and 29 euros for 30 days. Actually, they are quite moderate costs and allow you to avoid different types of problems related to the non-payment of your first free loan, or any credit in general.

First free loan and more advantages of Wandoo


Apart from the first free loan, one of the most important advantages of Wandoo is the flexibility with which they treat the client when it comes to processing their fast cash request, as well as the speed and security with which their quick loans are issued. . Wandoo is a totally transparent microfinance company, offering its clients friendly and direct treatment. You will always have the possibility of having personalized online help to inform you of any type of issues related to your online credit, to solve your doubts and to receive support at all times. With Wandoo you can make as many extensions of your loan, how many you need, up to a maximum of 11 months from the date on which your loan should be due. recommends Wandoo as a serious company that can be trusted. In this microfinance they give you quick money, they do not ask annoying questions, and they do not demand too many requirements – ahead, apply for loans and online credits of up to 850 euros !

Vivus loans, fast loans 800 € without payroll without endorsement

Loans and Credits in Vivus Apply Online

This financial institution expands its popularity and success acquired not only in Spain, but also in many other countries in Europe. At the end of 2014, the company at the time stopped issuing free microloans, but since the beginning of last year, the service has resumed. Now you have the opportunity to take your first loan in Vivus worth up to 300 euros absolutely free, with a maturity of 30 days. Then, it is one of the most popular services of fast microcredit in Spain. – How to order a microloan, quick loans Vivus

A large number of satisfied customers only confirms the fact that the information system is open and the ease of obtaining microcredits in this company. The interests and commissions that can be seen in your personal account, as well as in the beginning, before the application. By the way, this site by chance a very high score for its users, because the company does not hide anything from their customers.

Using the site is really very easy. Look:

  • The first thing you need to join this simply enter your name and select the amount of interest for you and a date on which you can get your money quickly.
  • Next, you must enter more detail – to provide your credit card number, account number, or days. It is necessary for the approval of your request.
  • And, finally, if so, you will receive an SMS to confirm the taking of loans and in your bank account fifteen minutes the money will come out.

If you are already familiar with the terms of the provision of micro-loans, you do not need to know anything new, because requirements of this company are very standard:

  • Must be 21 to 75 years old. However, it is worth noting that if you are between 21 and 23 years old, you can take the credit only for the amount of up to 200 euros.
  • You should not have debts from previous loans, your name does not appear on the ASNEF lists.
  • Do you have a personal bank account and a mobile phone? Perfect!

So, what are the main advantages of this service? First of all, Vivus belongs to a very respectable 4Finance Group, which includes twelve units throughout Europe.


On your website, you can even see the daily fees and expenses, and account balance. In other words, the company ensures that you do not miss a payment nearby and avoid delays. Here are some cases in which the acquisition of very desirable loans:

  • If you take a loan to pay regular expenses such as the mortgage, and therefore have no permanent income.
  • If you need a loan to pay your other debts, as this can lead to huge commissions.
  • If you want to take a loan to buy unnecessary things or suspicious services.

Finally, I want to remind you that the responsibility of obtaining a loan (although small), is completely in your conscience. From our site, we can not recommend anything in particular, but review the most popular services among people in Spain. We only remind you that you use credit as a last resort and always expect maturity, in order to avoid an additional commission increase.

Apply for BigBank credit and loan in 3 steps Up to € 10,000 without endorsement

Loans and Credits in BigBank Solocitar Online

About the bank

BIGBANK AS – is a quite experienced and successful organization founded in Estonia in 1992. The Bank specializes in the provision of term deposits and consumer loans. It has subsidiaries in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Spain and Sweden. These days BIGBANK is among the leaders in loans to people in the territory of the Baltic countries, as well as among banks and leasing companies.


Thus, the company offers quick loans and deposits in the Baltic countries, Finland and Sweden, as well as personal loans in Spain.


The company has earned prestige status – the entity is registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid and in the Bank and Bank Registry of Banks and Bankers.


In addition, he joined the Spanish Association of Financial Institutions as an Associate and was also awarded the Confianza online seal, which certifies compliance with security standards and responsibility in the provision of services over the Internet.


BIGBANK is willing to offer personal loans up to € 10,000 and is characterized by a series of advantageous features, particularly efficiency. Consider your request within one day, and if decision is positive, the amount appears in your bank account within two days from the time of filing.


To get a loan, you do not have to be a Bigbank customer or go to another bank. You can easily request a loan of up to ten thousand euros for a period of 5 years.


In Bigbank there is a flexible system to work with clients, loans are granted for any purpose.


Another interesting feature of this bank is an online assistant on your website, which does not occur at each site.


The terms of the loan vary depending on the amount of the loan desired. In general, the amount of the loan in Bigbank can be from five hundred to ten thousand euros. If your desired sum is more than six thousand euros, you need a guarantor or co-owner. The interests depend on the data you have provided. Loan period from six months to five years.

Requirements to the applicant:

To apply for a loan from Bigbank, you must be from 20 to 75 years old, have Spanish nationality or a valid residence permit in Spain, and also be correct to pay.


The process of applying for a loan in Bigbank is very simple and does not differ from other modern banking institutions. It is only necessary to fill out an online form. In addition, the application can be left on the phone or by mail.

Good Quick loans, € 900 loans without payroll, without endorsement

Loans and Credits in Qué Bueno Solocitar Online


QuéBueno is a service run by NBQ Tecnología, SAU, which has been operating successfully for six years and is headquartered in Madrid.

The company offers emergency cash loans of up to 900 euros, you can get ten minutes without submitting documents. If you are already familiar with quick loans and mini loans, you do not need to explain the benefits of this service to banks. If you still doubt the prestige of the company, it should be noted that this company has a stake of one of the financing of Deenero Spain. Thus, it is quite easy to get a short-term loan of up to six hundred euros without documents and guarantors.

Good Quick loans, € 900 loans without payroll, without endorsement

Get your money fast in What’s easier than taking it to the other friend. You just have to fill out a questionnaire on the website and enter your information. As soon as possible, you will receive your money, unless, of course, they will be approved and transferred immediately to your bank account so you can use it as soon as possible.


In particular, you will not have to wait long for the answer to your query. Posted in the approval or denial of the loan will come to your mobile phone within 15 minutes. For customers who apply for the first time, always open to review by phone.


Keep in mind that if this is your first loan or a loan, you can get only 300 euros. But if in the future he will manifest himself as an honest client, and will not allow any delay, the next time he will be allowed to take a loan of up to 900 euros. And, in addition, you get the next loan much faster, since your data has been reviewed and you have proven yourself as a positive borrower. The maximum return time is 44 days, which is quite a long time compared to other services. In addition, the allowed extension.


The process of returning the loan is organized very conveniently so that you feel as light as possible to return your credit. The company notifies the client in advance of the payment date is, so he just joined a bank card. You can manually set reminders for the date in your personal account on the website. There you can configure the translation of one card to another.


Of course, the Quick Loan service Que Bueno is a very convenient way to solve your financial problems and can quickly get you up to six hundred euros in just a few minutes. However, microloans can help out only in case of emergency situations, and not get carried away by them all the time, because they have a pretty big commission.


Therefore, we make sure that this service can really help out at a difficult time, without requiring any negotiation or documents, and is very suitable for each client. Also, if you become a positive borrower of this company, you can continue to receive discounts of up to 30% of the subsequent loans.