Wandoo gives quick money and the first loan 100% free!

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Wandoo borrows money instantly and has free loans!


Wandoo offers you your first free loan. Wandoo is a microfinance company that belongs to the Wandoo Finance group and is widely present in the Spanish market. The company is committed to transparency and modern technologies, as the company’s policy emphasizes customer satisfaction as its first and most important objective. This company is dedicated to offering fast loans at affordable prices.


The loan and fast loans portal www.enprestamo.es highlights that with this microfinance you can get your first loan absolutely free – that is, the first loan at 0% interest. In general, you can request amounts between € 50 and € 850. Speaking of the repayment terms – you will have between 7 and 30 calendar days to return your loan! Remember, if it’s the first time you borrow money at Wandoo.es, you do not pay interest, and for example, requesting 300 euros with a return period of up to 30 days, you must return only 300 euros!

And what do you have to do to apply for fast money at Wandoo?


Actually, requesting money and also the first free loan in Wandoo is very easy. It is enough to enter your web page, choose an amount not higher than 300 euros, choose the term of return of money, and fill in the registration form. Then you will have the possibility to identify yourself through your online banking. The safety of all operations is guaranteed by “Kontomatic”, which is a 100% safe supplier. Once you have done it, at the moment you will receive the communication related to the granting of the loan.


In case you want a higher amount, you can use the calculator available on the website of Wandoo to know at once the cost of your quick loan. Thanks to the interactive menu available, at all times you will have detailed information of the requested amount, the term to return, and the total price of your online credit.

Perfect, now you can receive your money by bank transfer to your account, in a matter of minutes – no more than 15 minutes of waiting. Wandoo will enter your money quickly online in the shortest time, and the waiting time will mostly depend on the bank you work with.

How do I return a cheap loan in Wandoo?


The return of your first free loan as well as the return of a loan to which an interest rate is applied, can be done comfortably and in different ways.

If you wish to pay your credit in full, you can make a cash deposit of the entire amount, by personalizing yourself in a bank or making the transfer via online, using the bank data available in Wandoo for that purpose. Enprestamo.es advises you to pay very carefully, verifying all the details in detail and that in the concept of the transfer do not forget to indicate your ID number or NIE, as well as the number of your loan. Indicate these data in the concept of the transfer is extremely important for it to be done correctly.

If you can not repay your loan on time, you will have the possibility to request an extension. Extending a loan is very important if you do not have the possibility of returning it on time, since otherwise you will incur a default, and this can generate different problems in the future. An extension of the payment period in Wandoo can be done for one week (7) days, two weeks (14) days, or for 30 days as the maximum date for extending the term of the loan. In turn, to give an example, the corresponding costs for extending a loan of 100 euros, will be 13 euros for 7 days, 19 euros for 14 days, and 29 euros for 30 days. Actually, they are quite moderate costs and allow you to avoid different types of problems related to the non-payment of your first free loan, or any credit in general.

First free loan and more advantages of Wandoo


Apart from the first free loan, one of the most important advantages of Wandoo is the flexibility with which they treat the client when it comes to processing their fast cash request, as well as the speed and security with which their quick loans are issued. . Wandoo is a totally transparent microfinance company, offering its clients friendly and direct treatment. You will always have the possibility of having personalized online help to inform you of any type of issues related to your online credit, to solve your doubts and to receive support at all times. With Wandoo you can make as many extensions of your loan, how many you need, up to a maximum of 11 months from the date on which your loan should be due.

Enprestamo.es recommends Wandoo as a serious company that can be trusted. In this microfinance they give you quick money, they do not ask annoying questions, and they do not demand too many requirements – ahead, apply for loans and online credits of up to 850 euros !